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Before you can treasure it, a good part of your life is over. Flashback the last 10 years, and you realized what a waste it had been. What have you given to the people who matter? What happiness did you achieve for yourself? I know myself now. I would rather trade all the riches and […]

Hey, where have the stars gone? They’re on my neck.  On my wrists …  And I think there’s one behind my ear, too Show me … I can’t see them. Really?  Are you sure? Yes ….



I do not agree with what you have to say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it. Voltaire ( 1694 – 1778 ) It was then the darkest period of French history when Voltaire came out strong against the corrupted ancien regime; advocating freedom of religion and championing individual rights. Fast […]

He wants to live in pink marble palaces, Full of stairways for his sleepless nights. Hanging gardens suspended in time, Where lovers can be together. He wants love that is pure and perfect, In the depth of the distant horizons. To bite into the zest of the ideal, He wants beginnings without ends. He wants […]