Should I cling on to a person who may never truly be mine?


Author Carole Shields writes in Unless, her last novel before her death in 2003, that ‘Happiness is the lucky pane of glass you carry in your head.  It takes all your cunning to hang on to it, and once it’s smashed, you have to move into a different sort of life.’

This pane of glass represents our illusions – and like glass, all these illusions are fragile.  And if we have been hanging on to this plane of glass which is almost on the floor; it may be time to let go.

It is easy to imagine how wonderful it was when we first had this person.  And how we must have revelled in the good qualities which were such a contrast with perhaps other people whom we had met earlier.

And we had taken our own life into our own hands for the sake of our love.  But no matter how self sufficient we all can be, like every one else, we long to be loved.  And be loved well.

So why cling to someone who has hurt us many times over and is still capable of doing so regardless of circumstances?

Why do we allow ourselves to evade from our true feelings and cover up the tumultuous emotions that had grappled us into permanent paralysis and emotional numbness?

How someone treats us reveals a person’s innate character.  And there seem to be a revealing clot, an obstruction, a cloudiness to an otherwise transparent glass.

Perhaps we feel in our heart that the person did not sufficiently stand by us at what prolly must have been a very difficult time.  And that has roots in events that happened earlier. 

I’m afraid this person will shatter us more than he is hurting us now.

All the signs are there:  let’s stop clinging on to our illusions and read them. 

There is still strong love, and that’s why we are still clinging on.  But our long-term happiness may actually be achieved by letting that person go – not for his sake, but to release us into the different life we truly deserve.


3 Responses to “Should I cling on to a person who may never truly be mine?”

  1. 1 obeygiant

    beautifully written…

    it’s so meaningful and true

  2. 2 raf

    i know im going against all that have been said and strenuously discussed hehe but i think, that happiness is just going with your heart and letting yourself fall if you want to fall deeper, despite what your brain tells you, and not feel guilty about it. Because sometimes its the drama that makes life worthwhile, i think. But not until it kills you haha so there’re limits. And everyone has their own unique threshold so its for you to decide where your’s is =) *hugs*

    4BIA 4BIA 4BIA!!!!!!!

  3. OMG!!! I could really hear weird sounds coming from the pantry!!!!

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