I do not agree with what you have to say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it.

Voltaire ( 1694 – 1778 )

It was then the darkest period of French history when Voltaire came out strong against the corrupted ancien regime; advocating freedom of religion and championing individual rights.

Fast forward to today, it has been more than two centuries since Voltaire made that statement at the heights of the French Revolution and the Enlightenment Period.  However, I never knew that this famous political statement by this important figure has its relevance to an emotive conundrum that many would had faced in their course of life’s treasured experiences.

Certainly many amongst us are experiencing or at least, had some experience being in a relationship with a significant other.  Though there are times when life seems to be in a never-ending eternal bliss, there will be times when the relationship will eventually succumb to tiffs, disagreements and sometimes full-blown verbal and physical arguments.

It is then do we realise : am I really the compatible person for my partner?  Many a time, the impetus to disagreements is a consequent of differing opinions that each of us believes in.  More importantly, it is how steadfast each of us hold on to our beliefs that we forget to compromise, even with someone whom we dearly love (or at least claim to love).

So how can we learn to accept our partners’ set of beliefs and principles that is diametrically opposite of ours and risk getting hurt in the process?  How do we vehemently disagree with their words and actions yet adamantly agree with their right to act and speak in such a manner?

Its true they say, we may approve or disprove.

And they also say, we should be more preoccupied with understanding how other people think, and why they think that way.

I do know that I will enter every relationship with an open heart and mind.

However, more importantly, I am not ready to sacrifice my individuality for the sake of understanding others and allowing my own principles to be trampled upon all in the name of love.

Perhaps I’ll defend everything my future partner has to say and respect the differing opinions from mine.

After all, I couldn’t possibly fathom the idea of being with someone who is so similar to me.

It would be incredibly boring.

But I would have my bitch-slap hand ready too.  Just in case I may need to raise it up to quieten down an excessively dissenting voice.


One Response to “Incarceration”

  1. 1 Daz

    Loves the quote!

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